I have many and varied interests. Currently, I work full time on e-books and the various challenges associated with making them happen. I am the creator, and principal developer of calibre, a comprehensive suite of utilities for managing/converting/viewing e-books and news in digital formats.

In the past, I have worked on quantum computing, while getting a Ph. D. in the subject at Caltech. My dissertation focused on developing designs for fault tolerant quantum computers. A list of my publications is available at arXiv.org.

This site was made along time ago, when I was interested in web programming, using DHTML and javascript, long before the advent of modern cross browser techniques. As such, it's a bit of an artifact, showing what was possible, (with a lot of work in the 1990's). In addition, it has various poems/essays that I have written, mostly when I was younger and new to the power of words.

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